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Back on Track ReStart Academy is an intensive school/education program for 8th grade students who are over aged and under-credited.

Back on Track ReStart Academy’s Mission

The District Attorney’s Program, Back on Track, in collaboration with New York City Department of Education ReStart Academy, offers an intensive educational program for at-risk students. Students attend this accredited program, full time, in lieu of attending their community school to complete the 8th grade. At Back on Track ReStart Academy, we equip students with the skills they need in order to pass their 8th grade classes and exams so that they can be promoted to high school. Our goal is to motivate and give hope to students who need increased support and/or a second-chance.

Why Back on Track ReStart Academy?


A student’s performance in middle school is indicative of their personal and academic achievement in high school, college, etc. In Brooklyn public schools, an overwhelming number of middle school students do not attend high school because they cannot pass their 8th grade classes and/or exams.

Not only are many of these schools often under-resourced and overcrowded, but they sometimes fail to offer students the classes that teach the academic skills students need. In addition, Brooklyn public schools often lack enough experienced and qualified staff. Besides passing the 8th grade with little support and guidance, students are asked to overcome difficult hurdles in their personal lives. Back on Track ReStart Academy helps students who have fallen behind, for various reasons, get through the 8th grade, graduate middle school, and gain admittance to high school.


Through a collaborative counseling approach and employing competent, experienced, and passionate staff, Back on Track ReStart Academy empowers students to reach their academic and personal goals while attempting to teach them life skills and strategies to help them manage obstacles. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and family-like environment in which students are encouraged to achieve and become successful, productive citizens. Moreover, we engage students with dynamic teachers, fun electives, mental health support, and mentoring. The key to our success is simple; we provide comprehensive, wraparound services for students, their families, and the Brownsville community.


  • A maximum of 20 students attend Back on Track ReStart Academy each year.
  • In each classroom, there is at least 1 teacher, and at most, 10 students.
  • In each classroom, there is at least 1 para-professional who can pull students out and give them individualized attention in subjects that the student is personally struggling with.
  • Each student is required to take math, ELA, science, and social studies.
  • Each student is required to participate in a group component 5x per week, in which students work on leadership, communication, and social skill development.
  • Each student is required to participate in on-site, weekly, 1-on-1, mental health counseling with a social worker.
  • Each student has access to a psychiatrist on-site.
  • Each student develops a personal relationship with the guidance counselor to help them apply and gain admittance to high schools that will be a good fit for them.
  • Each student has access to a computer on-site.
  • Each student and their family are provided access to additional resources and support services, such as after school tutoring, homework assistance, and extracurricular-leadership building programs.
  • Each student is required to repeat positive affirmations at the beginning of the school day.
  • Parents are required to participate in student-teacher meetings, showcases, and parenting workshops.

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